Steps to Attaining High Scores in Your GED exams

If you are inclined to home schooling and are one of those free thinking kids who do not like the conventional ‘rat-race’ like system of education at schools, then GED programme is probably what you are preparing for, in order to get a high school equivalent education.

Is study at home easy without the support of peers? Well, you can be successful and here are some simple yet proven steps that are sure to help you out, and enable you to come out with flying colours:

  1. Begin with the Requirements of Your Home State: Each of the states in the US has an individual specific requirement for getting GED (General Educational Development) credential. Make sure you get hold of the requirements and figure out what is really needed well in advance so you do not spend time or money wastefully on subjects that don’t really matter too much.
  2. Hire a good study guide: Any local book shop or your neighbouring library will be well stocked with GED guides from many companies. Every one of these books has a slightly different approach to studying. Pick each of the study guides (of all the same subject), go through one chapter/half a chapter and pick the one that you most connect to. These books will take the position of your teacher so make sure you pick the one that you relate to the most. The prices of these books are usually quite high so what you can do is take down the names of the author, title and publisher and look up for these books on websites like or
  3. Make a Study Space: Get a study space that is well lit and helps you sit upright and the environs help you stay focused without too many distractions around. Also pick a good time period where you study and stick to it.
  4. Keep Track of what’s in the Exam: Before you begin with your studying, make sure that you are studying the right areas. Make sure your studying is exam oriented. Since the 1st of January, the GED tests have been changed a little. There are 2 new tests that will be mandatory.
  5. Lessons Can Also Be Taken Online: You can take up GED programs at the privacy and comfort of your home. But picking the right kind of classes must be done carefully since there are many scam websites that have been on the rise. Ask around so you can be doubly sure. The GED exam though has got to be given in person at a testing centre that is certified. You can find a list of certified test centres online; every city has them.
  6. Attempt Model Tests: While studying, take down questions of the matter that you feel are important. At the end of the test, you will have a question bank so you can do an efficient revision later on.
  7. Registering for the Test: Make sure you register for the test only when you feel you are ready enough. Your mock test scores can help you decide on that.
  8. Writing the Test: Make sure you are calm and composed when doing the test. Do not get stressed out. You must get a good full night’s sleep before the day of the test.

There is nothing better than seeing your hard work pay off, but that hard work needs to be invested, and invested smartly!

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