Group Activites for Troubled Teens

One of the most challenging things in life is to watch kids endure emotional pain. The backgrounds of hurting kids may include childhood trauma, abuse, unexpected life events, addictions, peer issues or numerous other causes. Some children display sorrow and depression while other kids display anger. According to Woodcreek Academy, there is always hope for kids from hard places to find healing.

There are many programs for troubled teens all across the nation. Most employ various techniques and activities to give these kids new skills and a new sense of self-worth to not only survive but to also thrive in this world.

 Wilderness therapy programs focus on outdoor activities to foster empowerment. Camping, canoeing, rope courses and backpacking are all examples that may be employed in such a program. A bootcamp for boys may focus more on discipline and structure, or it may emphasize positive affirmation and freedom. The reality is that different kids will respond to different types of programs. Competitive team sports may work for some groups of kids. However, another group of kids might benefit from the cooperative effort of creating a rap or song. Know your kids.

 If group activities are implemented well, they will be great tools whether working at a boarding school for troubled teens or volunteering at a boys and girls club. Group activities develop trust, teach social skills, improve feelings of positive self-worth and encourage participation among teens that tend to be bystanders. Group activities are just one of many ways to begin the healing process.

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