7 Tough Sales Interview Questions & How to Handle Them!

If you are preparing for a sales job interview you should expect to be asked a series of question about your past work experience, your skills and qualifications and off course your key strengths and weaknesses. You need to be extremely well prepared, because as a sales person, you are expected to be able to sell yourself exceptionally well. Have a look at the posts below for the most commonly asked sales interview questions and make sure you are ready to answer all of them.

15 Most Common Sales Interview Questions

Top 5 Sales Interview Questions and Answers

In addition to these very common sales interview questions, you must also be well prepared for the 5 toughest sales interview questions. The key to answering these questions is to understand what the interviewer is trying to uncover by asking you these particular questions.

5 Toughest Sales Interview Questions You Must Be Ready For

  • What motivates you to sell?

The answer to this question should never be ‘because the money is good’. Employers want sales people who are driven by more than just money. They want to see that you have  a true passion for the job and for their particular company and products. Focus your answer on:

Your short and long term goals

Show enthusiasm for the process

Prove you are self motivated

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  • Why are you interested in this particular position?

Employers ask this question to separate the candidates who are willing to take any job they can get from the candidates who are building a career by targeting specific companies they want to be a part of. A vague answer here, even one that says mostly the right things will land you in the generic pile. You need to be very specific about:

Your specific career goals and how the company meets them

Be very clear about exactly what it is about the company you admire most

Show you have thoroughly researched the company

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  • What is your sales strategy with regards to approaching clients?

The key thing employers are looking for here is to see if you actually have a sensible plan that you follow. It is very important to show that you have a good process rather than become too fixated on the actual steps. Make sure your answer includes:

How you establish contact with new clients in particular

How you build a relationship and establish rapport

What are your follow up procedures

How often do you make contact

When do you decide to back away

  • How do you handle rejection?

This is a very common sales interview question but it is also a tough one. Employers are trying to gain an understanding of how you adjust your sales approach when you are met with an obstacle.

They need to see you can quickly move to plan B and keep going. Obviously you need to show you are resilient, but you need to do this without appearing obnoxious and arrogant.

Be honest, explain that like anyone else you do not like rejection, but go on to say you do not take it personally. This will make you appear honest and trustworthy.

Focus the rest of your answer on your process.

  • How would you sell me this pen?

Not every sales interview includes this question, but if it is asked, it is very hard to answer unless you have prepared for it. Employers ask these random questions to test your ability to think on the spot and see how  you perform under pressure. It gives them an idea of how you will react when customers ask you difficult questions or make requests that are unexpected.

See our post Sell Me This Pen for a prepared answer but more importantly the post runs though how to prepare an answer to any question like this one just in case they ask you to sell them any basic product.

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